Forkway Group

We are extremely proud of our heritage at the Forkway Group. Having serviced the needs of their clients throughout 7 decades, the Forkway Group are one of the leading materials handling specialists in the UK. Established in 1961, the business has kept its philosophy at heart, ensuring “Our customers at all times feel valued and respected, through all that they see, hear and experience from all members of the Forkway Group business.”

As a founding member of the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) in 1972, known back then as the Fork Truck Hire Association (FTHA), Forkway have been at the forefront of further developments in the forklift industry. Following 2 years as Vice Chairman of the FLTA , Forkway Managing Director, Martyn Fletcher became Chairman of the FLTA on the 14th October 2009.

In 1979, the Forkway Group became the first appointed UK dealers for Nissan (Datsun). Following this addition the company continued to grow, further expanding its influence in the Yorkshire area in 1992 before continuing this development in 2007.

The year of 1998 brought the acquisition of Solent Forklift Trucks. Following this acquisition, the Forkway Group have now become the leading materials handling specialists for the Solent Region.

In 2008 Forkway joined forces with Yale Forklifts, increasing their product offerings and territory coverage. Yale is one of the oldest manufacturers of forklifts and warehouse equipment, having been in the business for 137 years. As a Yale dealer, Forkway have at their disposal, a wide range of materials handling equipment, ranging from speciality warehouse equipment to traditional counterbalance forklifts that can be tailored to suit the needs of their clients. To keep pace with changing storage solutions, Forkway have also forged long lasting partnerships with a number of global leaders in specialist handling equipment including Combilift.