ReverseSafe is an active reversing solution that can be added to the FleetSafe system in order to help minimise accidents and damage in the workplace, therefore maximising site safety. The Forkway Group can tailor ReverseSafe to your specific requirements with a selection of options available.

Truck Reversing Solution:

The Active Reversing Solution is a combination of motion sensors that alert the operator of surrounding obstructions when reversing. The systems will self-check the area behind the forklift once the truck is placed in reverse. Using green, amber and red visual warnings, the system will alert the operator of any obstructions within range of the forklift, issuing sterner warnings as the obstruction becomes closer before finally applying the automatic brake to prevent a collision.


  • Reversing back cluster motion sensors
  • Side cluster motion sensors (Optional)
  • Reversing system control module
  • Operator guidance & awareness interface

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