Further adding to FleetSafe, ZoneSafe is a proximity warning system that can detect pedestrians and trucks in surrounding areas. The system exclusively from Forkway is simple to install and will improve driver awareness, minimising accidents and collisions in the warehouse.

ZoneSafe units are mounted around a vehicle, producing a 360-degree proximity detection zone. All employees wear safety transponders and they trigger audible visual warnings when a proximity zone is breached.


  • ZoneSafe® - Fits to all types and sizes of industrial vehicles
  • Adjustable detection zones
  • Logging of transponders detection
  • Operator friendly
  • Self testing

Additional Accessories:

  • Transponder Tester
  • Discovery Reader
  • Light Tower
  • External Alarm
  • Pedestal Antenna
  • Masking
  • USB Desktop Reader

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FleetSafe Specifications and Options
FleetSafe Specifications and Options