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What makes Forkway Special?

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Getting to know Forkway Q & A – Richard Greaves Group Director.
How long have you worked for The Forkway Group?

I have been a director of Forkway for 23 years. I started out as a general manager for the North of England in 1992. During this time I built up the North with a great team of people and much financial support from our Head Office in the South of England.

What would you say are the major changes in the industry over the years?

Ergonomics, safety features and general build quality.

What’s the best piece of advice you would give to someone looking to buy a truck? 

Don’t make price the main criteria for your decision.

What’s your favourite truck and why?

The Yale ERP 22-235VL Series Counterbalanced 4 wheel electric would be my choice of truck.

Because the Yale ERP looks and performs like an engine powered truck but is versatile and reliable and is visually very pleasant on the eye.

What makes Forkway special?

The worldwide brands we sell, our staff who support our products and the solutions we offer out in the market place. (Fact) We are specialists in site services. (Fact)  We wont just offer customers our main products, but products to match specific requirements and needs. (Fact) This is what makes us different to our competitors.

Finally how would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Positive, Humorous and Infectious!