Driver Training

Do you need forklift driver training?

Each year there are over 8000 reported injuries involving lift trucks, causing suffering and sometimes fatality. There is also a heavy cost to business. Even an accident not causing bodily injury can result in damage to trucks, buildings, equipment and goods all affecting the bottom line profitability of your business.

Fork lift truck accidents are all too often associated with lack of suitable and sufficient operator training. If you are prosecuted for breach of Health & Safety laws, and it is found that you did not adhere to the relevant provisions of the code, you may receive a substantial fine or imprisonment.

Forkway delivers training nationwide. Training can be undertaken at customers’ sites or at one of our approved training centres.

A well trained lift truck driver workforce can provide:

  • Increased profitability
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased equipment availability
  • Increased staff morale

Forkway are accredited by The Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR).

The Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR) is a self-financing and non-profit making organisation, formed to offer accreditation to training instructors and organisations supplying industrial truck and construction training services to industry.

As well as offering accreditation, ITSSAR also has an ongoing programme monitoring training and safety to maintain and improve standards where necessary, in the operation of industrial trucks.

ITSSAR were established in 1991.

ITSSAR is approved and listed as an accrediting organisation by the Health & Safety Commission (HSC) in the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) for Lift Truck Operator Training.

Its sole function is to write and monitor training standards for a broad range of mechanical handling equipment including construction plant, crane operation, lifting and rigging operations, and slinging and signalling. This ensures that its registrants are delivering the highest quality of training within the workplace.

The Standards are relevant, current, and comprehensive and far exceed the Accrediting Bodies Forum 2000.

Periodic review of all the Course Syllabus Manuals takes place, and these manuals are re-addressed by the ITSSAR Standards Forum. This Forum is made up of selected experienced ITSSAR training providers who have a vast knowledge and expertise in a wide range of mechanical handling equipment.

Training; paperwork; legislation; and facilities are continuously monitored by Training Standards Advisors. A monitoring report is submitted to each training organisation via Head Office to assist in maintaining standards.

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