Free Site Surveys And Consultations

We can help provide the storage solutions that are right for you.

Forkway are dedicated to providing their customers with creative, cost effective solutions to all of their materials handling requirements. Providing free site surveys our experienced consultants can visit your site and provide detailed reports and diagrams that are clear, concise and informative explaining in detail the solutions available that are tailored to your requirements.

We can provide the solutions that are specific to your application, ensuring that you receive the maximum return on your investment, whether it be in warehouse design, materials handling equipment, financial advice, Telematic systems or legislation compliance.

Our experienced consultants can assist with answers to your questions!

  • How can I increase storage within my current premises?
  • What methods of handling can I use to increase productivity?
  • What is the best fuel source for me to use, as I want to ensure that my business is as environmentally conscious as possible?
  • What is the best financial method for my business to acquire lift trucks and warehouse equipment?
  • How can I best manage my lift truck fleet costs, as they appear to be out of control?
  • How can I find an easier way to ensure that my business is fully compliant with all current Materials Handling related legislation?

To arrange your free site survey or consultation contact us now on +44 (0) 844 854 8899 or contact us by using the enquiry form below to see how the Forkway Group can help provide the storage solution that is right for you.