Case Study - Progressive 3PL

Progressive 3PL

The preparation and painting of the warehouse floor at a Global 3PL & Freight Management’s Greater Manchester based warehouse facility, along with the installation of adjustable pallet racking systems to maximise storage capacity…

Key Features:

  • Preparation of warehouse floor for painting, utilising our recommend use of the diamond-grind surface technology. A two-coat, ResinFloor system was then applied to give the floor a high-quality, long-lasting finish
  • The installation of new, adjustable pallet racking systems to expand total storage capacity along with RackArmour post protectors
  • Installation of warehouse lighting with PIR motion sensors, reducing energy expenditure and providing optimal warehouse lamination

Our client, a Global 3PL & Freight Management company operates as a multi-national warehousing and freight forwarding services provider, utilising the latest management technology for warehousing and global fulfilment solutions.

Forkway Group Ltd invited our preferred warehouse solutions partner: SEC Storage to design, supply, and install a solution that would maximise both capacity and operations at our client’s warehouse facility in Greater Manchester.

An epoxy filler was then used to carry out minor repairs before the final, two-component epoxy-resin (ResinFloor) coating was applied to achieve a highquality, durable gloss finish.

Multiple runs of adjustable pallet racking was then installed, further expanding the total available storage capacity at the facility. An articulated truck configuration was used in order to maximise capacity and operational convenience, as articulated trucks can be used both in the aisle and outside.

Lighting systems were installed throughout the pallet racking aisles and marshalling areas to the north and south of the warehouse, along with PIR motion sensors to maximise potential energy saving benefits. RackArmour post protectors were installed to the end of selected bays, acting as a preventative safety measure against potential forklift collisions.

SEC began by preparing the warehouse floor for painting, suggesting the use of a vacuum assisted, diamond-grind system to create a floor that is both smooth and uniform in appearance, as opposed to the less-effective, industry preferred method of shot blasting.

The diamond-grind system created a surface that not only looks better, but that will last longer too thanks to the evenness of the pressures exerted on the floor during its preparatory phase.