Case Study - John Cotton Group

An extensive warehouse appraisal leads to the design, supply and installation of a high-density, drive-in pallet racking solution at a leading manufacturer of home bedding goods warehouse facility in West Yorkshire…

Key Features:

  • Forkway Group Ltd worked with our warehouse solutions provider: SEC Storage to engineer a high-capacity storage solution for our client’s 59,000 sq/ft facility
  • Due to our client’s low number of SKUs, it was found that a drive-in racking system would allow for the highest density of product storage, helping to achieve a total pallet capacity of 2,677
  • Our client wanted the project to be completed within a specified time-scale to reduce disruption to company operations & we delivered the finished installation on time, in a total of 8 weeks

Forkway Group Ltd invited SEC Storage, functioning as the Group’s preferred racking partner to design, supply and install a storage solution that would achieve maximum capacity at a leading manufacturer of home bedding goods 59,000 sq/ft warehouse in Yorkshire.

Drive-in pallet racking by nature is one of the highest density storage systems available for warehouse operations. The system works on a (FILO) first-in-lastout principle, with Forkway Group Ltd providing the necessary operational equipment via custom purposed forklift trucks.

Eleven blocks of drive-in racking was installed in total, with each block designed to cater to different loads and pallet types. Anti-collapse mesh was also installed to the back of the exposed blocks, acting as a preventative safety measure to catch falling stock in walkway areas.

Our client also wanted the installation to be completed within a specified time-frame, in order to minimise potential disruption to ongoing operations. The solution was delivered from the initial planning phase through to the finished installation during a period of 8 weeks, on time, and to the highest of standards.

Upon SEC’s detailed warehouse appraisal, it was found that a standard, adjustable pallet racking solution would not be a viable option, as the low-level height of the warehouse unit would limit the potential quantity of racking that could be installed, reducing capacity.

Any solution that was dynamic in nature would also be cost prohibitive, yet the need for high-density storage was essential. As our client didn’t have a large number of SKUs (stock keeping units), it was found that a drive-in racking system would be the perfect solution.