Cityclean-S (4 PACK)

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Cleaner for roads, cycle paths & footpaths

Pack of 4 10 litre bottles

pH value undiluted – About (9.5)

Scent – Lemon

Colour – Colourless

Density -1.04g/ml

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Alkaline, low foaming street cleaner suitable for use on all sorts of hard, water-resistant street surfaces/paving.

Biodegradable. Non-toxic!

Specially developed for use with the Hako-Citymaster.


Hako Cityclean-S can be used for the cleaning of roads, cycle paths and footpaths with normal pollution.


7.5 – 50ml per 1 litre water (0.75-5%/1:150 – 1:20) Depending on the amount of dirt.


Through the integrated dispensing system the product can be added in the correct dosage to the cleaning water. Then scrub with brushes and vacuum. Used dilution may be discharged into public drains without posing a danger to the environment.


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