Cleanol Smell-X Microbiological Odour Eliminator

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Pack of 4 5L bottles/Pack 12 1L bottles
pH value undiluted – About (8)
Scent – Fresh
Colour – Orange
Density – 1g/ml

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Cleanol Smell-X Eliminates unpleasant odours in the tank system of scrubber-driers. Based on natural, beneficial microorganisms.


Cleanol Smell-X can be used for fast odour neutralisation with a long-lasting effect in (dirt) water tanks system of scrubber-driers. Regular repetition will create an optimal result.


Rinse the fresh, or dirty, water tank with tap water. Add Cleanol Smell-X and fill the tank with water to maximum capacity. Let the machine run for 2-3 minutes.

Do not use the machine for circa 24 hours, do not add other cleaning agents. Next drain the water and your machine will be ready for use.


Room temperature, avoid direct sunlight


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