Cleanol Xtra Strong Floor Cleaner (4 pack)

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Do not use on acrylic copolymer coatings
pH value undiluted – about (11)
Scent – Fresh lemon
Colour – Yellow
Density – 1.04g/ml

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Low foaming.

Light alkaline.

Suitable for use in scrubber-driers.

Suitable for use on all waterproof hard floor coverings.

Is permitted for use within the HACCP work programme.


Hako Cleanol Xtra is suitable for use on any type of hard water-resistant floor coverings. Hako Cleanol Xtra was developed specifically for the daily cleaning of medium soiling. When used on a synthetic floor, always first test on a hidden surface area. Do not use on acryl copolymer coatings.


10-50ml per 1 litre water (1-5%/1:100-1:20)

Depending on amount of dirt.


Add cold water depending on the amount of dirt, type of floor and amount of product to clean. Clean the floor with a scrubber-drier. With heavy pollution, let the product soak for several minutes.

Do not use on acryl copolymer coatings.


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