Industrial Trailer Range

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Our comprehensive trailer range is designed and manufactured to
customer needs and covers payloads from 100kgs up to 50,000kgs.
To ensure the trailer is fit for purpose we consult our customers
about every relevant aspect of how and where their trailer will be used.
This includes major factors such as loading height, towing vehicle,
capacities, load configuration, wheels/tyres and access even down
to the lights and beacons to ensure maximum satisfaction.

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Platform Trailer
• Ideal for goods and equipment transport
• Towed singly or in a multiple
• Manual pull – dependant on size
• Robust and durable construction
• Single or twin axle steering
• Braking systems to suit all applications

Box, Curtain Sided, Cage and Tank Trailers
• Protects cargo from the elements and containsloads
• Hydraulic or manual loading
• Tailored to specific load requirements including height and width
• Fully fixed bodies or curtain sided
• Various curtain options available – Velcro, bungeecords, ratchet straps and tensioners
• Customer own livery available on all trailers

Specialist Process Trailers
• Whatever the size, shape or capacity a process trailer can be used to meet your needs
• Carry a variety of loads throughout the manufacturing process
• Hold and manipulate the loads whilst they are worked on

Passenger Transporters
• Used to move large numbers of people around site
• Available with low deck heights and disabled ramps
• Low deck heights for easy access and low centre of gravity

Hydraulic Elevating Trailers
• Designed to lift and transport large payloads around production sites
• Hydraulic platforms designed to accommodate most loads
• Designed to lift and transport abnormal loads

Plant, Well, Stepped or V Deck Trailers
• Ideal for goods and equipment transport these trailer decks secure the most awkward of loads
• Well deck designed to reduce platform heights for high load handling
• Transportation with a low centre of gravity
• Bespoke connection to your towing equipment