Scrubmaster B70

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Compact and handy scrubber drier ideal for use on small and medium-sized areas.


Product Summary

Compact and handy scrubber-drier, ideal for use on small and medium sized areas.

The Scrubmaster B70 is a high performance, proficient pedestrian floor scrubber drier. It is a revolutionary commercial cleaning machine for use in medium and large areas such as shopping centres and supermarkets as well as production and storage areas. It is adaptable to the surroundings and economically designed to maximise your usage. For example, its Aqua-Control-System feature.

The Scrubmaster B70 provides a plethora of functions that accommodate and simplify your commercial cleaning tasks. With the addition of squeegee blades that have the ability to be used up to four times and its Aqua-Control-System, the B70 aims to reduce the negative impacts on the environment by minimising waste and cost. This is an effective attribute that runs alongside the innovative AntiBac and AquaStop features to ensure the B70 ticks all the environmental boxes.

Simple and clearly laid out controls ensures that the machine is quickly mastered and easily maintained.


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Super Pad Red 15″

Super Pad Green 15″

Super Pad Brown 15″

Super Pad Black 15″



Light to medium/ synthetic material PPN 0.5

Light to medium, structured floors/ synthetic material mixture K 901

Medium to heavy, structured floors/ SIC PA 6 grain 600 grey

Medium to heavy/ synthetic material PPN 0,8

Very heavy dirt and basic cleaning/ SIC PA 6 grain 180 grey

Extremely heavy dirt and basic cleaning/ SIC PA 6.12 grain 120 green

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