Sweepmaster B800R

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  • Solid and robust design with crash protection for side brush
  • Overhead throw principle allowing the hopper to be used to its full capacity
  • Take-it-easy 50L Hopper system for simple emptying in one operation
  • Top dust extraction and filter cleaning
  • Onboard battery charger included with built-in discharge protection
  • Maintenance free battery drive
  • Twin side brush (optional)
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Product Summary

The Sweepmaster B800R ride-on sweeper marries the compact design of a pedestrian machine with the accessibility and cleaning range of a ride-on machine. Because of the enhanced battery running time and 6km/h running speed, the intended area of sweeping reach in one session is an impressive 5340 m2/h.

This ride-on sweeper has also been designed with two 25L dirt hoppers to make the task of waste removal simple and straightforward. Furthermore, the filter’s shake-and-clean approach means your cleaning tasks become effortless.

The revolutionary Intelli-Flap® allows larger debris to be collected and disposed of, as such, the Sweepmaster B800 R approaches all elements of sweeping with ease.

The ride-on sweeper is proficient in a variety of environments; from factories and warehouses to car parks and shopping centres. The robust heavy duty steel frame construction means the Sweepmaster B800R is a machine for professional use that can clean surfaces thoroughly and efficiently for several years.

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