Sweepmaster M600

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  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Fitted with a robust dirt hopper, an impact-resistant steel frame and solid aluminium housing
  • The handle can be adapted optimally to every user through its ergonomic shape and simple turnaround of the handle
  • Easy to remove dirt hopper
  • A practical solution for both commercial and industrial sites
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Product Summary

Compact manual sweeping machine suitable for use in small indoor and outdoor applications.

The Sweepmaster M600 is a wonderfully compact, entirely manual sweeping machine that is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor contexts. One of its particularly effective attributes is the sweeping and collection capacity, engineered to complete a theoretical sweep of 2,300 m2 cleaned in one hour!

With strength and robustness on its side, reinforced by its sturdy aluminum housing, shockproof steel frame and indestructible plastic dirt hopper, you will never lose confidence in this machine. Kerbs and stairs can be negotiated easily without any problem thanks to the large wheels that project at the rear.

What’s more, with this product you are getting complete user versatility; you may alter its functions to suit every user entirely. Its ergonomic shape and simple turnaround of the handle means that the Sweepmaster M600 is fully tailored to both the user and the environment. It is as effective as a warehouse sweeper in a shopping centre.

The side brush is fully adjustable, which is highly convenient when approaching obstacles, such as when navigating the sweeper through doorways. The hopper is easy to remove and empty. Among compactness and versatility, the Sweepmaster M600 is incredibly functional as a piece of your cleaning equipment repertoire.

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