Yard Scraper

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The forklift yard scraper is the ideal attachment for pushing waste etc to a point where it can be collected up. Angled ends to the forklift blade prevent rubbish from spilling out past the sides.

The forklift yard scraper is ideal for clearing yards, warehouses, floors, metal processing areas, foundry floors etc.

Please refer to the full specification below.

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Total length of yard scrapper (mm) : 1040
Total width of yard scrapper (mm) : 2000
Height of rubber sheet (mm) : 400
Thickness of rubber sheet (mm) : 35
Width of the drive-in sleeve (mm) : 150
Height of the drive-in sleeve (mm) : 50
Width between the drive-in sleeve (mm) : 605
Weight(G) (kg) : 90

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Weight 90 kg


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