Citymaster 650

The basic version of the Citymaster 650, designed as a compact implement carrier, already sets new standards in the 2-t class: for example with articulated steering, permanent all-wheel drive with a fully electronic control system and extensive features providing increased comfort and safety at work.

Thanks to its multi-functional design, the Citymaster 650 can be retooled quickly and easily, for example as a professional sweeper or an efficient snowplough for winter service tasks, which makes this machine not only extremely versatile in use but also particularly economical as it provides multiple application options.

Freedom through flexibility

Working in the city comes with a wide range of different demands posed on Municipal Technology equipment – and these demands change with the seasons. The Citymaster 650 meets all seasonal requirements with its small vehicle width, directionally stable steering and a small turning circle ensuring excellent manoeuvrability in confined areas. In addition, the vehicle’s multi-functional design ensures economically efficient use all year round.

Reduces fuel consumption and emissions

The Citymaster 650 meets the emission limit requirements of the Stage V Exhaust Emission Standard. Clever details such as the energy-saving drive control system and three different performance levels reduce the machine’s fuel consumption both in work mode and during road travel.

Multipurpose use through multi-functionality

The Citymaster 650 is a versatile implement carrier and professional sweeper all in one. Thanks to four attachment interfaces allowing the combined use of different attachments and superstructures, the machine can carry out a wide range of additional tasks: for example winter service, green area maintenance or wet cleaning tasks. You only need one machine instead of several special vehicles – which is both more efficient and economical.

Technical Data for Basic Vehicle Citymaster 650
Engine and drive Engine • Water-cooled 3-cylinder industrial Diesel engine with 1,642 cc
• DOC and DPF, output 25.5 kW at 2,630 rpm
• Common-rail direct fuel injection, tank capacity 41 litres
• Engine stays below the limit values according to the Emission Standard 2016 / 1628 /EC Stage V
Approval • EU type approval for the basic unit as a tractor T2a (LoF) (agricultural and forestry machine)
Ground drive • Traction- and energy-efficiency-optimised hydro-static ground drive with permanent all-wheel drive
• Drive control system with automatic load control in transport mode
• 3-stage fixed speed in work-travel mode (1,900 rpm [ECO] – 2,250 rpm [Standard] – 2,630 rpm [MAX])
Hydraulics • High pressure hydraulics with variable output distribution for rotary consumers
• Circuit 1 (front) 27 / 31 / 37 I/min @ 195 bar
• Circuit 2 (rear) 21 / 25 / 29 I/min @ 195 bar
• 1 hydraulic circuit at the front, 1 hydraulic circuit at the rear
Driving and working characteristics Speed • Automotive driving speed 0–25 km/h
• Hydro-static work-travel speed 0–25 km/h
• Reversing 0–12 km/h
Steering and chassis • Hydraulically steered, articulated 4-wheel chassis; steering angle 53°
• Robust articulated joint with integrated pendulum compensation and roll stability control system
Brake • Hydro-static brake acting on all four wheels, service brake at the rear
• Mechanical parking brake acting on the rear wheels
Tyres • 270/50-12 comfort tyres
• 23 x 10.50-12 lawn tyres
• 23 x 8.50-12 standard tyres
Cabin • 1-seater comfort cabin with comfort driver’s seat and operating panel integrated in the armrest
• Central display shows all machine functions, adjustable steering column
• Hot-water heating and optional air conditioning
• Frame doors with sliding windows
• Foldable wing mirrors, adjustable from inside the cabin
Dimensions (H/W/L) Basic unit: 1,970 mm x 1,210 x 3,830 mm (standard tyres, without tow bar)
Sweeper: 1,970 mm x 1,210 x 4,510/5,170 mm (standard tyres 2B/3B)
Load data Empty weight 1,430 kg (implement carrier), 1,780 kg (sweeper)
Permissible values Total weight 2,200 kg, axle load 1,200/1,500 kg (front/rear)
Dimensions H/W/L Basic unit: see brochure
Sweeper: 1,980 x 1,090 x 3,900 mm (standard tyres 2B)
Wheelbase 1,270 mm
Track width 866 mm
Inner turning radius 1,390 mm

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