Powerboss Combi 400

The Powerboss Combi 400 is a sturdy, industrial, ride-on, sweeper-scrubber drier ideal for use in all heavy-duty applications. The ride-on scrubber features a variety of different scrub controls and optional controls to ensure maximum performance. With the multiple features involved, productivity is instantly improved with increased ease-of-use when sweeping and scrubbing. With the Powerboss Combi 400, cleaning and maintaining large areas has never been easier and safer, enhancing precision and overall appearance of the area.

The Powerboss Combi 400 features immense water capacity which provides longer run times and with its robust stainless steel components, rest assured that the sweeper-scrubber will continue to provide ultimate performance right up until it needs refilling. Another key feature of the Powerboss Combi 400 is that it provides incomparable manoeuvrability with the machine able to turn around in an aisle of up to 2.74 metres when required.

The sweeper-scrubber is known for being dynamic, featuring a number of options that can be changed as and when required. These include a quick-view squeegee which allows minor adjustments to be made instantly and quick change scrub brushes which don’t require any other tools in the process.

This couldn’t be possible without a powerful engine, so the Powerboss Combi 400 is installed with a premium Kubota engine which is available in both diesel and LPG. Due to the size of the machine, it comes with a built-in 85-litre quick load hopper to help with efficient loading time.

Technical Info Powerboss Combi 400
Length 241 cm
Width 140 cm
With Side Scrub Brush 166 cm
Rear Squeegee 142 cm
Height 154 cm
With Overhead Guard 213 cm
Weight 1474 kg
Minimum Aisle Turn 274 cm
Engine System Kubota – Diesel, LPG, Petrol
Speed (Forward) 12.4 km/h
Speed (Reverse) 6.4 km/h
Cleaning Path 114 cm
With Optional Side Scrub Brush 152 cm
Solution Tank Capacity 398 litres
Recovery Tank Capacity 398 litres
Demister Capacity 64 litres

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