Scrubmaster B12

The Scrubmaster B12 is a flexible, accessible and high-performing pedestrian scrubber-drier designed to clean small floor spaces. This is an industrial floor scrubber drier that combats commercial demands. This floor cleaning machine has been manufactured to be transported easily; the Scrubmaster B12 is foldable to fit the boot of your car. The machine features great mobility capabilities, making it versatile on differing terrain and practical in a variety of spaces.

The brush system allows for edge-close cleaning while the impressive working speed of 4km/h, and the 22L solution and recovery tank ensure continuous cleaning. With these attributes, the Scrubmaster B12 will allow for your cleaning tasks to be done swiftly.

The compact element to the Scrubmaster B12 increases user safety; they are easily able to see obstructions approaching the front of the machine. This floor scrubber is manageable and manoeuvrable, allowing a multitude of users to handle the cleaning machine.

Technical Data Scrubmaster B12
Working width (cm) 38
Squeegee width (cm) 47
Performance approx. (m2/h) 1500
Voltage (V) 24
Battery capacity (Ah) 25
Number of brushes 1
Working speed (km/h) 4,0
Solution tank (l) 16
Recovery tank (l) 22
Width with/without squeegee (cm) 47
Weight without battery (kg) 40
Weight (wet) with battery (kg) 80
Overall perfomance (kW) 0.54

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