Scrubmaster B30

The Scrubmaster B30 floor cleaning machine is a pedestrian scrubber-drier ideal for use in small and medium-sized areas such as hospitals, schools, dining areas and halls. This floor scrubber’s fully chargeable and responsive system, which features the special AquaStop function, presents a professional and rapid resolution to industrial cleaning.

The dual function of floor scrubbing and suction of the B30 halves the time of cleaning, and with its precision expands the ability to cover more area with greater effectiveness. The ultimate purpose of the Scrubmaster B30 is to deliver a high-performance clean to a scope of users.

The Scrubmaster B30 is part of Hako’s innovative range of floor cleaning machines that include AntiBac and AquaStop. These are two clever attributes designed to heavily reduce the negative environmental implications of our floor cleaning machines. The antibacterial inner-coating of the recovery tank optimises water hygiene during a clean.

Technical Data Scrubmaster B30 Scrubmaster B30 CL
Working width (scrubbing) 43 43
Squeegee width (cm) 76 76
Theoretical area coverage (m2) 1700 1900
Brush system 1 plate 1 plate
Brush diameter (cm) 43 43
Drive 24 V battery wheel drive 24 V battery wheel drive
Battery capacity (Ah) 80 80
Working speed (km/h) 4 4.5
Total output (kW) 1.13 1.31
Volumes clean/dirty water tank (l) 30/30 30/30
Operating time (max) 110 mins 100 mins
Width without/with squeegee (cm) 50/76 50/76
Length with squeegee (cm) 127 127
Height above handle bar (cm) 110 110
Noise at ear of operator 64 dB (A) 64/61 dB (A)

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