Low Level Order Pickers
1400-2500 kg

Tow Tractor
5000 kg

Pedestrian Powered Pallet Trucks
1600-2200 kg

3 Wheel
Electric Forklift Truck Front Wheel Drive
1500-2000 kg

4 Wheel
Electric Forklift Truck
1600-2000 kg

Increase Productivity and Flexibility with Lithium Battery Solutions

Fast Charging, Energy Efficient and Maintenance Free

Yale Lithium-ion (Li-ion) solutions will deliver increased productivity and improve utilisation in multi-shift applications by eliminating the need for replacement batteries and battery change-overs.

The fast charging times and ability to opportunity charge, means the operating range of the Li-ion battery can be extended and a single battery can support use of the truck over two or three shifts. The new Yale Li-ion batteries are virtually emission and maintenance-free.

Yale Li-ion batteries have three times the life of lead-acid batteries. The batteries and chargers are also more energy efficient and, compared to lead-acid batteries, can provide savings of up to 30%.

As the total cost of ownership can be reduced in appropriate applications, the initial cost premium of Li-ion batteries can be recovered with payback periods as low as two or three years in multiple shift operations.

The Yale Li-ion batteries are available with the following truck models:

  • MO20(P)-25, low level order pickers
  • MO50-70T, tow tractors
  • MP16-20, powered pallet truck
  • ERP15-20VT, 3 wheel electric forklift truck
  • ERP16-20VF, 4 wheel electric forklift truck

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