Is forklift damage costing you money?

From less than £1 a day Forkway Fleetsafe can minimise the cost of forklift damage. The Forkway Group is now proud to present to the UK Market four innovative solutions referred to as FleetSafe, ZoneSafe, ReverseSafe and SpeedZone.  Combined under the banner of FleetSafe, Forkway are offering the ultimate intelligent telemetry system, providing fast clean data that enables companies to take immediate and corrective action.  The system can be tailored to specific requirements with customised reports and additional features, ensuring you receive the information and support that is of most value to your business.

The innovative FleetSafe system is fully adaptable to suit individual needs and customers are able to choose specific features of the four systems to include in their package, ensuring they receive the results that are essential to improving their warehouse operations.  The main features available across the four systems include a forklift mounted LCD control unit, online management, collision alerts, speed limiting abilities, pedestrian detection and motion sensors.

Designed by experts, chosen by professionals, used by our customers, Forkway FleetSafe can and will limit costs, maximise productivity and provide the safest possible working environment for you and your team from less than a £1 a day.

FleetSafe is the complete asset management tool exclusively from the Forkway Group that is capable of reducing operational costs, incorporating employee accountability and supporting streamlined operations.  The Forkway FleetSafe unit provides live reporting with customisable reports, allowing managers to analyse the performance of their employees and equipment, before taking corrective action in order to maximise site safety and productivity.

FleetSafe Features:

  • FleetSafe integrated colour LCD remote monitoring module
  • Pin number RFID proximity fob or card access options
  • Driver access control & licence expiration
  • Pre and post start safety check functionality
  • Critical and non critical operator triggered response
  • Integrated 3 dimensional impact sensor with gyroscope multidirectional data
  • Messaging service
  • Input voltage up to 48 volts
  • Custom data inputs
  • Diagnostics screen
  • Integrated antenna
  • Multidirectional ram mounting bracket


Additional Features:

  • Optional RFID reader – card or fob access
  • Optional customer specific swipe card/fob integration
  • Optional GPS mapping & tracking system
  • Optional battery condition monitoring system
  • Optional digital weight scale display

Offering fast clean data, FleetSafe is providing real time information immediately accessible for manager analysis.  From operator statistics to truck operational data, the Forkway FleetSafe system can provide the information you need to maximise productivity of both your operators and your equipment.

Once installed each vehicle reports via the 3G mobile phone network back to a central database, where the data is converted into reports that are conveniently accessible via the internet, anywhere, anytime.  No software installation is required on any computers.  Users are provided with approved access to the website through their own username, password and access limits.  Reports will be available immediately online allowing for fast manager analysis and corrective action.

The Forkway FleetSafe system can provide flexible reports that capture the specific data of most importance to your business as frequent as you like.  The bespoke reports are generated in a format of your choosing and are automatically sent through to the recipients.  Flexibility is a key aspect of the highly innovative Forkway FleetSafe system, which is why the online management system alongside the bespoke reports can be tailored to your specific needs.

The FleetSafe LCD System offers a web user interface that includes:

  • Site overview: Graphs and charts displaying activity and exceptions.  Designed as a one off view of the sites performance.
  • Custom KPI settings: A site can set their own targets for shift utilisation and measure against these targets.
  • Customisable shift settings: Reports by shift or other periods as selected.
  • Customisable site settings: Naming of departments, equipment categories, KPI’s, safety checks all customisable.
  • National multi-site tab: Site by site comparisons for National Managers, giving overview statistics on performance and exceptions.
  • Exceptions displayed: Equipment offline and inactive drivers.
  • Driver analysis: Operator productivity, checklist completions and impact results.
  • Equipment statistics: Equipment productivity, offline exceptions, detailed input reporting.
  • Driver’s license management: Access can be denied if needed when a license expires.
  • Pre-start and post-start checklist: Manage down to the individual question both before and after equipment start.
  • Impact information: Details and summaries showing individual impacts along with monthly trends.  Email alerts on a certain event.
  • Messaging: Send a message to a single unit or broadcast to a group of units.  Drivers cannot respond until vehicle is stopped. Response can be customised.


Are you looking for a simple, cost effective way to improve site safety?
Look no further!

Red Proximity Light Awareness

The red proximity lights, like the blue spot lights, provide a clear visual warning for all pedestrians and visitors.  The proximity safety lights can be fitted to any vehicle and when active, surround the truck providing site staff with a clear indication of an approaching forklift and the areas to stay clear of.

Blue Spot Light Awareness

The Blue Safety Light provides a clear visual warning behind a reversing forklift to alert pedestrians of an approaching truck.  Operating forklifts fitted with the Blue Safety Light will improve site safety, reducing the number of pedestrian injuries caused by forklift trucks.

These simple solutions will have the maximum effect when it comes to improving site safety where forklifts are in operation.  Now seen as best practice, Forkway SafeLights provide a low-cost solution to continuing safety issue throughout the materials handling industry.



Further adding to FleetSafe, ZoneSafe is a proximity warning system that can detect pedestrians and trucks in surrounding areas.  The system exclusively from Forkway is simple to install and will improve driver awareness, minimising accidents and collisions in the warehouse.

ZoneSafe units are mounted around a vehicle, producing a 360-degree proximity detection zone.  All employees wear safety transponders and they trigger audible visual warnings when a proximity zone is breached.


  • ZoneSafe® – Fits to all types and sizes of industrial vehicles
  • Adjustable detection zones
  • Logging of transponders detection
  • Operator friendly
  • Self testing

Additional Accessories:

  • Transponder Tester
  • Discovery Reader
  • Light Tower
  • External Alarm
  • Pedestal Antenna
  • Masking
  • USB Desktop Reader


ReverseSafe is an active reversing solution that can be added to the FleetSafe system in order to help minimise accidents and damage in the workplace, therefore maximising site safety.  The Forkway Group can tailor ReverseSafe to your specific requirements with a selection of options available.

Truck Reversing Solution:

The Active Reversing Solution is a combination of motion sensors that alert the operator of surrounding obstructions when reversing.  The systems will self-check the area behind the forklift once the truck is placed in reverse.  Using green, amber and red visual warnings, the system will alert the operator of any obstructions within range of the forklift, issuing sterner warnings as the obstruction becomes closer before finally applying the automatic brake to prevent a collision.


  • Reversing back cluster motion sensors
  • Side cluster motion sensors (Optional)
  • Reversing system control module
  • Operator guidance & awareness interface


SpeedZone is an additional system that can be added to FleetSafe where equipment-operating speed can be limited within different areas of the workplace, aiding safety and limiting costs to both the business and the employees.  The Forkway Group can tailor the system to your specific warehouse requirements, meaning you can determine the zones and their restrictions.  There is a selection of options available with the SpeedZone feature and they are as follows:

Manual Speed Control System

The operators determine the speed of the truck and are able to alter the speed manually.

Automatic R-Gage Radar System

When detecting a high-speed tag the dash indicator on the truck indicates yellow and the operator pushes a button to change the speed to the pre-set high speed.  Once at high speed the dash indicator would change to red.  Upon approaching a low speed tag the dash indicator shows green and the truck defaults to low speed and automatically slows down.

Induction Loop Control System

An electronic curtain is created in the floor at the entrance / exit, before being programmed to define the 2 zones of low or high speed.  Where speed reduction is not required warning devices, installed on the trucks, can be triggered to alert pedestrians of trucks operating in the area.