ALUTRUK K27AY10SG Sack Truck

£190.89 +VAT

  • Toe-plate (W x D) – 455 x 225mm
  • Tyres – 260mm
  • Axle rod – 16mm
  • Height – 1310mm
  • Width – 520mm
  • Depth – 500mm
  • Own Weight – 1kg
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Anodised aluminium lattice frame to help with smaller bags and boxes. Vertical loop with P handle. Stair glides with replaceable low-friction polymer skid bars. Extruded aluminium toe-plate which folds for storage. Microcellular puncture-proof tyres on 3-piece reinforced steel hubs. Quality semi-precision bearings for smooth roll under load. Magnesium axle brackets. Solid plated steel axle rod.