Hydrofill Battery Watering Cart

£537.90 +VAT

As standard the Hydrofill is supplied with a quick connect fitting. Adapters are available if other types of fitting are required.

Hose Length – 3m
Large opening
In/off switch – located on the rear of the unit
Sealed rechargeable 12volt battery is included
Tank – 37.9L
2 wheel configuration
Fully automatic battery charger


The Hydrofill is a mobile water carrier with an inbuilt pump and battery, that enables you to transport water to anywhere in your facility. It is designed to be used with battery watering guns or a float based system, making it an ideal addition to your battery room.

The Hydrofill’s simple, but rugged design makes it easy too use and reliable. Simply fill the cart with a suitable source of de-ionised water, wheel it to your battery, attach to the filling system and switch on.