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  • C of G Min – 750mm
  • C of G Max – 1080mm
  • Weight – 160kg
  • Bucket Height – 505mm
  • Bucket Width – 800mm
  • Bucket Length – 930mm
  • Max Fork Size – 1250 x 40mm
  • Max Fork Spread – 886mm
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Forklift Multiscoop

The ideal scoop for loading small vans and charging hoppers. Long reach allows discharge of materials into centre of lorry, whilst small tipping arc allows discharge where headroom is confined.

When filling material such as sand or aggregate from a substantial heap, the attachment should not be driven directly into the heap. The approach should be at ground level, but the mast should be slowly raised as the truck is driven forwards, so that the bucket runs up and fills off the angled face of the heap. This reduces wear and tear on the mast bearings etc. Ensure when loading that the material fills right to the back of the bucket.