Rotating Forklift Wheelie Bin Handler For 600l +

£2,996.90 +VAT

Weight –  165kg

Load Centre – 1600mm

Max Fork Size – 145 x 60mm

Max Fork Spread –  805mm

C of G Min –  1109mm

Method Operation Crank Handle

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Wheelie bins are an ever popular choice for waste receptacles in the working environment. While their lightweight mobile design can make positioning and moving over short distances easier. it is often difficult to dispense the contents into a larger waste container ready for collection. Here at Briggs equipment we have a range of forklift wheelie bin handlers to aid transportation and tipping of these containers. This deluxe model of large forklift wheelie bin handler uses the technology of our forklift drum rotator to achieve its unique design. Large wheelie bins can be lifted and rotated forwards at any height without the need to push on a receptacle. The side trunnions are located in stirrups and the gearbox can be used to achieve controlled pouring of the bin. The gearbox can be supplied with either a crank handle for rotation at waist height or loop chain for rotation above shoulder level. The forklift wheelie bin handler attachment slides on to the forks of a forklift using fork pockets that are retained using screw clamps. This forklift wheelie bin tipper is only suitable for use with large wheelie bins with side trunnions. Unsuitable for use with sprung lids.