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Increased area performance and superior maneuverability:

The Scrubmaster B120R is a versatile industrial cleaning machine, able to access areas that could previously only be cleaned using walk-behind scrubber-driers. The compact build of the Scrubmaster B120R means that it can navigate and clean almost any area that you require, without the risk or difficulty of your industrial scrubber-drier getting stuck or being unable to fit.

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Product Summary

The design of the Scrubmaster B175 R is consistently ergonomic and has been developed with much attention to detail. The comfortable workplace allows pleasant working and a back-friendly seating position. All operating elements are in clear view and within easy reach of the driver. Daily maintenance checks are no problem at all thanks to the easy access and clearly marked components.

Particularly efficient, highly maneuverable, and designed to work on inclines, the Scrubmaster B175 R with three different working widths and is equipped with either disc or cylindrical brushes providing a cleaning performance of up to 7,560 m²/h. This ride-on scrubber-drier masters almost any cleaning tasks even when working uphill. The Scrubmaster B175 R can manage inclines of up to 15 % in cleaning mode, which makes this scrubber-drier your number-one choice when it comes to cleaning multi-storey car parks as well as other large areas such as airports and industrial production halls or shopping centers and logistics facilities.

The Scrubmaster B175R gives you peace of mind in the knowledge that your scrubber drier can handle all of your floor cleaning tasks. On top of this, with our cleaning machine service plans, we are there to help with any issue that arise, no matter how rare they are.

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See below for Consumables:

Pads 108cm Head:

Super Pad Red 21″

Super Pad Blue 21

Super Pad Green 21″

Super Pad Brown 21″

Super Pad Black 21″

Disc Brushes 108cm Head: 

Disc Brush Synthetic material PPN 0.5 Light to Medium

Disc Brush Synthetic material mixture K901 Light to medium on structured floors

Disc Brush SIC PA 6 Grain 600 Grey Medium to heavy on structured floors

Disc Brush Synthetic material PPN 0.8 Medium to heavy

Disc Brush SIC PA 6 Grain 180 Grey very heavy dirt and basic cleaning

Disc Brush SIC PA 6.12 Grain 120 Green Extremely heavy dirt and basic cleaning

Cylindrical Brushes 85cm:

Set of Cylindrical Brushes 850mm PA6-0.7 Light to Medium

Set of Cylindrical Brushes 850mm SIC PA 6.12 Grain 500 Medium to Heavy

Set of Cylindrical Brushes 850mm SIC PA 6.12 Grain 180 Extremely heavy dirt and basic cleaning

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