Scrubmaster B45

With a clever and cost-effective design in mind, the Scrubmaster B45 is superior in the field of commercial cleaning products. The B45 is a pedestrian scrubber-drier ideal for use in small and medium-sized areas. The durable assembly makes it reliable on rougher terrain whilst maintaining a high standard of industrial and commercial cleaning. To tailor to your requirements, we offer additional brush options for this advanced floor scrubber, depending on the specifications.

The Scrubmaster B45 has been manufactured with user-friendliness at the forefront. The ergonomic design makes it both simple to use and compatible with a scope of users.

For the areas that the brush deck cannot reach, this advanced floor scrubber comes with an optional hand-held tool to increase accessibility further. All daily maintenance that is necessary to keep the cleaning equipment running smoothly is tool-free and simple to complete. This makes the B45 one of the most reliable floor scrubber-driers for the industrial and commercial cleaning sectors.

Technical Data Scrubmaster B45 B45 CL B45 CL WB
Working width (scrubbing) cm 43/51 43/51/65 50
Squeegee width cm 76/86 76/86/95 86
Theoretical area coverage 1700/2000 1900/2300/2900 2200
Brush system Plate Plate Cylindrical
Brush diameter cm 43/51 43/51/33 10
Drive 24 V battery drive 24 V battery drive 24 V battery drive
Battery capacity Ah 80/105 105/75 105
Working speed km/h 4 4.5 4.5
Total output kW 1.13 1.31 1.31
Volumes clean/dirty water tank litres 42/42 42/42 42/42
Maximum operating time minutes 155 140 140
Width without/with squeegee cm 50/76/56/86 50/76/56/86/67/86 60/86
Length with squeegee cm 127/135 127/135/137 124
Height above handlebar cm 112 112 112
Noise at ear of operator dB (A) 64 64/63/66/63 68/65

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