Scrubmaster B90

The Scrubmaster B90 is a high-performance pedestrian scrubber-drier suitable for use in medium and large-sized areas. It is exceptionally proficient for industrial cleaning services, such as in warehouses, manufacturing and retail environments. The Scrubmaster B90 floor cleaning machine has a one button operation and focuses on supporting the operators capabilities through its easy functionality.

The Scrubmaster B90 relies on its precise system to give the user the most out of their cleaning experience. Its auto stop-start reduces battery and water waste, while the brush release system enhances ease of use when operating complex industrial cleaning.

The pedestrian scrubber-driers environmental impact is only positive. This works alongside the AntiBac and AquaStop functions to deliver a cleaning machine that exceeds eco-friendly expectations, as well as providing the perfect cleaning result.

With regards to user-friendliness, the Scrubmaster B90 is unmatched, which means your time is used more efficiently. With optimum ergonomics, this pedestrian scrubber-drier is tailored to the user’s needs for operation, the single-button push-start also makes machine usage simplistic and straightforward.

Technical Data Scrubmaster B90 CL Scrubmaster B90 CL WB
Working width scrubbing (cm) 65/75/85 60/70
Squeegee width (cm) 95/110/110 95/110
Theoretical area coverage (m2) 3,200/3,700/4,200 3,000/3,500
Nominal voltage 24 Volt 24 Volt
No. of brushes 2 plate 2 cylindrical
Working speed (km/h) 5 5
Volumes solution/recovery tank (l) 85/85 85/85
Width without/with squeegee (cm) 59/110/110 59/95/110
Weight without battery (kg) 213 213
Weight (wet) with battery (kg) 415-480 415-480
Total output (kW) 2.3/2.3/2.6 2.3/2.6

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