Sweepmaster B1500RH

The Sweepmaster 1500RH is a large, powerful vacuum sweeper suitable for even the toughest of applications. Able to achieve a 16,200 m2/h coverage rate. With options for indoor and outdoor use via it’s optional power sources and the ability to clean multi-story carparks with inclines.

Excellent filtration systems provide dust free environments for everyone around. It is easy to maintain for example the main brush has a wear compensation system allowing the full brush to be used.

Non electric models can work for 10 hours and the electrical for 5 hours.

On top of this, we can also offer service plans for each of our industrial cleaning machines, meaning that you can have peace of mind in the knowledge that your machines will last for a very long time. This, alongside the powerful drive motors and highly efficient cleaning means that the Sweepmaster 1500RH offers highly versatile industrial, municipal and commercial cleaning.

Technical Data Sweepmaster P1500 RH Sweepmaster D1500 RH Sweepmaster B1500 RH
Drive Petrol/LPG Diesel Battery
Max. output 15 kW 14 kW 6 kW
Sweeping width/with 1 SB/ 2 SB 92/127/162 cm 92/127/162 cm 92/127/162 cm
Sweeping perfomance with 1 SB 12,960 m2/h 12,960 m2/h 10,400 m2/h
ABBA wear compensation
Dirt hopper volume 250 l 250 l 250 l
Dumping height 152 cm 152 cm 152 cm
Filter surface 7.5 m2 7.5 m2 7.5 m2
R2S filter cleaning system
Working speed 10 km/h 10 km/h 8 km/h
Climbing capacity 0.18 0.18 0.16
Weight (ready to use) 1,100-1,350 kg 1,100-1,350 kg 1,465-1,750 kg
Width x Length 1,335 x 2,230 mm 1,335 x 2,230 mm 1,335 x 2,230 mm
Height (with cab roof) 1,596 (1,980) mm 1,596 (1,980) mm 1,596 (1,980) mm

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