ME Series

The Mariotti ME is part of Mariotti’s yellow ranges and is designed to be extremely simple to operate and maintain, offering excellent performances and the best in reliability and convenience.

AC Technology

The AC traction motor technology results in less maintenance and an excellent economy of service in terms of energy, efficiency, and battery life. The ME Range is fitted with 24V and 36V batteries depending on the models. The system consists of a check panel and an inverter for operating the motors. The different component parts communicate by means of the CAN-bus protocol and guarantee the system’s simplicity and reliability.

Steering System, Power Steering and Side-Shift

A really compact and reliable rack and pinion steering system guarantee driving accuracy and low energy absorption, extending the truck’s autonomy. Already in use on many larger forklift trucks, Mariotti introduced this technical innovation on units with capacities of less than 1600 kg. All of their trucks are equipped with power steering and integrated side-shift as standard, which guarantees driving comfort and the utmost maneuverability and agility in tight spaces.

Adjustable Wheelbase

A distinguishing feature of all the models manufactured by Mariotti is their adjustable wheelbase. This function which improves the driving performance of the forklift is connected to the mast tilt position. While approaching the load, you set it shorter by tilting the mast forward for better maneuverability.

Check Panel

A clever LCD check panel constantly monitors the operating hours worked, the battery’s charge status and the operating mode. Because it is directly connected to the inverter via CAN-bus, the panel will warn of any possible problems and identify the specific failure.

Ergonomics, Comfort And Safety

Mariotti is used to optimise the space onboard every truck in order to create a cabin that is comfortable and safe for operators to use. Even the ME Range, despite its compactness, is designed with this in mind. It has a comfortable seat, with an adjustable backrest and driving position as standard. The adjustable steering column means that every operator can set it to the correct driving position. The location of the steering column, the directional switch, and the hydraulic levers allows the operator use them easily and naturally. The cabin is rounded off with a handy storage tray. Moreover, the brakes are hydraulic and the lifting control is electronically operated. The entire range has two drive modes: rabbit and turtle. Turtle does not just include a reduction of speed, but also a reduction of acceleration and braking with energy recovery. This mode enables you to drive in tight spaces and to great lifting heights.

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