Sweepmaster B650

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  • Robust construction
  • Corrosion free steel frame
  • Impact resistant plastic cover
  • Overhead throwing principle allowing the hopper to be used to its full capacity
  • Simple operation
  • Take-it-easy hopper system
  • Large debris flap
  • Onboard charger
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Product Summary

The Sweepmaster B650 is a purpose-built vacuum sweeper. It has been specifically designed to be easily manoeuvrable and compact for the dust-free cleaning of small and medium-sized areas. As such, this cleaning machine will flourish as a warehouse sweeper as well as it will for use in hospitals and schools.

Everything on the machine has been designed around the user. The 35L hopper, which is conveniently housed on the machine, can hold a great amount of waste while also being easily emptied. In addition, this machine combats tasks with a sweeping speed of 5km/h, which covers the element of momentum for efficiency. Each of these attributes means a seamless journey while cleaning.

The B650 also features an onboard charger which encourages longer periods of operation. The Sweepmaster 650 provides the optimum performance for your cleaning duties! This is extended by the fact the hopper may be entirely filled before needing to be emptied.

Hako also offers the option of a carpet cleaning kit. Results of such tasks will be hugely accentuated with this addition, it also renders the Sweepmaster 650 range fully suitable for all of your industrial cleaning needs.

Battery-powered compact, high-performance sweeper for the dust-free cleaning of small and medium-sized areas.

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